20 Years After Graduating, I Remember...

Band trip to Mexico, Friday night football games, long road trips, playing cards in study hall, summers full of water skiing.

Kevin L. Smith

Football games, dances, basketball games, summers at the lake.

Terri Starnes Smith

Playing in State Basketball Semifinals and Band trip to Mexico City.

Sally Taylor Walpole

Playing football and baseball, going to all of the "Disco" dances, hanging out at the City Park.

Rick Thurman

Learning to water ski, basketball play-offs, church lock-ins.

Carol Walden

I guess Junior and Senior years and my involvement with 4-H.

James (Jim) White

Living and working in remote areas of Alaska, travel to Europe and surviving life in Las Vegas for six years!

Jeff Whitesides

I can't remember yesterday--much less twenty years ago!

Patrick Williams

Playing on the first Roane County High School Tennis Team.

Anthony (Tony) Wilson

Pam Wright Powell and I were "stalked" by the distributive education teacher; it was quite a bizarre incident! 

Jennifer Wilson Lantini

Running around with my friends, Jennifer Wilson and Jack Hubbs; going to football and basketball games. 

Pamela Wright Powell

Playing drums in different jazz bands--High School Band.

Rusty Wright