10 Years After Graduating, I Remember...

Driving and eating incredibly fast so we could get to and from McDonald's at lunch; smoking on the back of the band bus; burning tires at outside parties; and, an impatience to get on with my life.

Carol Goodman Hobson

How much fun it was playing basketball for RCHS and how we kicked Harriman's ass five times our senior year. We didn't win the State, but we gave it one hell of a shot.

Kim W. Sitzlar

Lots of great times (and hard work) in band. I also remember struggling through Roane State English!

Janet Dunwoody Cloutier

When I was in DE class, Billy Huffman and I always snuck out to play basketball in the gym.

Richard Turbeville

Many tough, grueling and sometimes seemingly mind altering games of "spades" played during Study Halls.

Terri and Kevin Smith

The good times and bad times. Friendships that are eternal. I also remember the smell of the hallways and butterflies in my stomach over that new girl in class. I remember standing outside school after graduation watching my classmates (friends) all leave going for different careers and challenges, thinking some of whom I will never see again.

Jim White

All of the odd days of Advanced Math in Mrs. Culbert's class. I also remember Jazz band and how I managed to only take two real classes my senior year. Somehow I left every day at 1:30.

Mark Cochran

When Brian Estes made it public (by the caricatures in the annual) that Coach Walker's head is crooked and Hal Leffew had no chin.

Jeff Whitesides

When my biggest worry in life was whether or not I would ask anyone for a date for Friday or Saturday night. Generally being too nervous to do so, those nights were usually spent with my best buddy, Mike Ladd, in Oak Ridge. Those were some of my best times in high school.

Steve Self

When the boys' basketball team was on the outs with Coach Skidmore. We were on our way to an "away" game and no one was saying anything. Out of the blue Roger Brooksbank sang "Camptown Races" and the entire crowd on the bus chimed right in and sung "Doo dah, doo dah" without missing a beat. We couldn't have done it any better it we had rehearsed. Needless to say, Coach Skidmore called Roger to the front of the bus for the rest of the trip.

Bertie Sackett Corea

The road trips with Mrs. Eller and the tennis team my Senior year!

Ron Smith

The HR Club, needing more time for lunch and night fishing.

Paul Marquess

Our class won the spirit stick all four years, Freshman-Senior, at RCHS. We could pull together and get things accomplished. I am glad you all got the reunion together.

Trish Hensley Easter

When I put a skeleton's head (from Ms. Quinby's closet) in Carol Walden's overnight bag!

Darlina Pesterfield

I remember the time Sondra Holder and I missed the band bus and had to flag down Mr. Ross to let us on. Everyone laughed hysterically, including ourselves!

Carol Walden

Photographing the memories and moments of our senior year as the annual staff photographer, hoping that the pictures would remind us alI of the good times we shared.

Daryl Pritchard

I remember a group of young people close to each other. We were a group with many friends participating in many activities together. Those were good years filled with good times. Although we'll never be able to recapture those years, they'll always be with us in memory.

Richard Haile

Being initiated into the Diplomats Club my senior year, and an unforgettable experience of peanut butter, mayo, shampoo and whatever else they could put on our heads.

Ron Baggett

When Skoal was 48 cents a can.

Dale Brown

The excitement of being a senior and a feeling of coming of age. The thrill of graduation and of finally making it is almost incomprehensible.

Dan Richardson

All the good times. Hanging around with friends. Feeling a lot of excitement about joining the Navy, and thinking of this day to see how everyone has done.

Ellis Keylon

I remember when Barry Wright had lots of hair!

Jeff Clower

Majorette practice on the football field. We practiced late one night and it was dark. I threw my f ire-baton up so high and fast that it went out, and I couldn't tell where it was until it hit me in the face!

Elaine Blankenship

Listening to Mrs. Delaney for many hours and wondering when I would ever need to know anything about Home Ec. Now I know - I wish I'd really listened!

Vicki Beverly Thomas

Football practice senior year. Gene McClure putting Heat balm in Ears Saffel's football helmet and Ears put it in McClure's jock strap. Also ask Albert Pounds about blowing bologna, cheese and milk out his nose on our graduation trip to Florida.

Tommy Guinn

Good friends, good times, and great expectations of what the future would bring. Thanks to alI of you Class of '79.

Reggie Brackett

The only time Jerry and I cut class, Jerry's mother called school wanting him to do something (the something was to deliver a bra).

Earl Hazelwood

Graduation night, being one seat short in the auditorium when we had to sit down and good ole Ronnie Smith would not let me share his seat, so I had to look stupid for awhile before I could sit down.

Michele Smith Oran

I remember during my senior year, my mother and I were extremely close and I will remember her always.

Marcie Shipwash

I remember Mexico with bizarre taxi rides, Rocky Horror at Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ala Shag, and tequila and coke-Now I know why we were all so sick! What a trip!

Kay Dew Shostak

Coach Skidmore yelling at his homeroom to be quiet and his dentures popping halfway out of his mouth. Also the morning a bat got loose in the main hall.

Scott Wilson

I remember dreaming about the future. And here it is!

Nancy Burnette

I remember the 200 mile per hour trips to McDonald's and back during lunch break with time left before the first bell rang!

Keith "Binky" Bryant