Every so often, a class of friends reunites to remember the times shared as they grew up together in school.  We meet again to laugh, to learn, to celebrate life.

When we graduated from Roane County High School in 1979, few of us knew exactly where our lives would take us.  We had only our dreams of where we wanted to be and perhaps some idea of how we would get there.

Where am I today?  Where are you?  At the very least, I hope we are smiling and looking forward to wherever life takes us.

There were classmates among us whose journey through life was tragically shorter than expected.   Today they live through the memories of their families, friends, and colleagues.  At our reunions, let us hope they can join us in spirit.

This page is dedicated to our classmates who graduated to a higher ground.  May they rest in peace.

Do you know of others?  Please e-mail me.  Thank you.

Janet Dunwoody
Wanda Mathis - 1977 Photo
Wanda Mathis
Tim R. McCarroll - 1979 Photo
Tim R. McCarroll
Sherry Marie Neeley - 1978 Photo
Sherry Marie Neeley
Joan Michelle Peters - 1979 Photo
Joan Michelle Peters
Ronald E. Smith Jr. - 1977 Photo
Ronald E. Smith Jr.

Robert Woods