OK, we've tested the memories of our youth.  Now, what about since then?  After we graduated from Roane County High School in 1979, some of us went on to college, military service, jobs, marrying and starting a family, etc.  When we were young, we envisioned "what do I want to be when I grow up?"  Well, where have we gone and what have we been doing?  I invite you to share any notable memories of what has happened in your life since 1979...

Daryl Pritchard remembers...

...graduating from RCHS and immediately entering college that summer at The University of Tennessee, where I spent the first fall season marching with The Pride of the Southland Band and later marching in Ronald Reagan's first inaugural parade in Washington, D.C.

...snowball fights on campus at UT...and there was a Knoxville city ordinance against throwing snowballs!

...a major ice storm that gave kids at UT plenty opportunity for sledding down 17th street on cafeteria serving trays...and the accidents that resulted in several ambulance calls.

...the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, at the edge of the UT campus, with fireworks every night for 3 months!

...Denise Conrad and Sandi Sentell...two of the prettiest cheerleaders on the UT campus.  I don't care if it was high school or college that gave me my bias, but I still believe Tennessee has some of the prettiest and nicest women in the country! an employee at Lockheed-Martin, watching F-16 pilots go through air show practices and - knowing the complexity of the aircraft - being just that more amazed at the skills of pilots. first scuba diving experience in the open ocean, in Cozumel.  An experienced fellow diver cautioned me to be careful my first time in the water, and don't forget the basic skills as the result of the distractions of the new environment.  I jumped into the water and "never looked back", feeling completely comfortable, safe, and in awe of the underwater world. initial trip to Roatan, Honduras and Anthony's Key Resort, where I had my first opportunity to dive and snorkel with dolphins...beautiful, amazing animals!

...quitting my job in 1994 to spend a year living with my sister on San Juan Island in Washington state.  Following my Honduras dive trip, I took a long scenic drive to WA and enjoyed first-time visits to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the California coastline, and the Redwood National Park, taking as many photos along the way as possible.  Then, on San Juan Island, I spent a year relaxing and being fascinated by watching and photographing killer whales (orcas) and bald eagles in their natural habitat. 

...returning to Texas in 1995 and, in 1998, taking my first dive trip with a lady friend who was new to the sport, and sharing in the experience with her.  Particularly, I remember her first dive to 100 feet, where she later noted in her log "Wow!  100 feet deep and comfortable - now I know I'm OK with this sport!"