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The following is a list of a few songs from some of my favorite artists that I'm sharing here in the interest of promoting their music to others unfamiliar with them.  All songs are encoded in a medium quality 64kbps stereo MP3 format to keep them to a relatively small 1.5 to 4MB file size, reasonable for downloading; they are not "CD quality".  If you enjoy the music, I encourage you to buy the associated artist's CDs.  Listening to the full CD at the original sound quality is certainly the best way to enjoy this music as it was intended.

Copyright Note:  I have not requested permission to reproduce these songs here, so if you are the artist who holds the copyright for any song provided and you wish for me to delete the file, I'll gladly oblige if you send me an e-mail with your request.

Song Title Album Title Artist's Website

Richard Elliot
A former girlfriend introduced me to Richard Elliot's fabulous sax magic, and his concerts have long been a favorite for us both.  With a growing number of albums that provide a wealth of music to choose from, my only regret when I've seen Richard Elliot in concert has been that his performance was shorter than I'd have liked.  Nonetheless, this is one guy who really puts his heart and soul into his performances, especially in classics like "When A Man Loves A Woman"....always a crowd-pleaser and a wonderful song to share with someone special at your side.  My favorite, recurring concert tour was "Guitars, Saxes, and More" at the now defunct Caravan of Dreams in Fort Worth, Texas; originally spearheaded by Richard Elliot, Craig Chaquico, Peter White, and Warren Hill, each of whom are terrific musicians by their own merits, these four artists together defined a powerhouse performance.. 
Deep Blue Soul Embrace Richard Elliot
When A Man Loves A Woman Take To The Skies

Craig Chaquico
Although known to some from his days with Jefferson Starship, I didn't become familiar with Craig Chaquico (cha-key-so) until a friend told me of Higher Octave Music and I browsed their catalog searching for albums that might interest me.  I knew nothing of Craig's music but his first solo album, "Acoustic Highway", sounded like one I'd enjoy.  Sure enough, I loved the album and Craig Chaquico has come to be one of my absolute favorite musicians.  I've now had the opportunity to see him in concert several times, and I've never been disappointed by his performance.  Any time that I discuss music with someone and learn they aren't too familiar with any jazz or new age artists, "Acoustic Highway" is an album I'm quick to loan them for a listen.  I've never heard anyone say they didn't enjoy it, even if not exactly what they'd consider their style of music. 
Acoustic Highway Acoustic Highway Craig Chaquico
Why The Dolphin Smiles A Thousand Pictures
Autumn Blue (with Richard Elliot)

Rick Braun
A clean, crisp-sounding trumpet player, Rick Braun is another artist I learned of through one of the later iterations of the Guitars, Saxes, and More tour.  Some of my early jazz listening was focused more upon brass, with the likes of Maynard Ferguson, Herb Alpert, Doc Severinson, and Chuck Mangione counting among my favorites.  My preferences began to give way in favor of the saxophone, piano, and guitar and it was Rick Braun who largely reawakened me to the sounds of brass.  Rick is a very enjoyable performer to see in concert and I look forward to any tours he makes through my local area.
Cadillac Slim Beat Street Rick Braun
Notorious Body and Soul

Peter White
Consistently excellent and always presenting a fun, friendly personality on stage, Peter White rounds out the original four musicians that I first discovered during the first Guitars, Saxes, and More tour at the Caravan of Dreams.  Now that Caravan of Dreams, one of the countries premiere jazz venues, is closed, I am glad that we at least have Peter White's tribute album "Caravan of Dreams" to help remember what will long remain a very special place in my mind.  Regardless of where he performs though, I know any Peter White performance is worth attending.
Promenade Reflections Peter White
Caravan Of Dreams Caravan of Dreams
Soul Embrace

Jesse Cook
As my musical interests expanded and came to include more and more "world music", the sound and spirit of the Flamenco guitarist quickly took hold of me.  Discovering his music first from a Narada Records sampler of Flamenco guitar music, Jesse Cook is one such guitarist who plays with a passion that is both felt and heard.

Dance Of Spring Tempest Jesse Cook

From the time I first saw and heard this stunning Colombian siren performing in a concert that I
accidentally stumbled across while flipping through the television channels, I have been a fan of Shakira.  Although I don't understand any of the Latin vocals, I find her Lebanese-influenced music to possess an energy and rhythm that I can listen to over and over again.  Admittedly, perhaps I continue to visualize the image I first saw, as she was shaking her hips in belly-dance fashion while performing her hit song Ojos Así.  Shakira is not just another pretty face though, but rather a talented songstress deserving of the accolades she has received in the Latin music industry.  With the release of her debut English-language album, "Laundry Service", in November 2001, she has demonstrated her talent is not bound to one language.  I was fortunate enough to see her perform at her Dallas, Texas stop for her Tour de la Mangoste (Tour of the Mongoose), and she is more beautiful in person than any print or video media reveals.  Her concert was fabulous and I hope "Shaki" continues to enjoy tremendous success in her career!

Ojos Así Dónde Están los Ladrones? Shakira
Donde estan los ladrones

Miscellaneous Songs

Song Title Artist / Album Comments
Oh Yeah Yello / One Second What can I say?  This has always been a fun song, ever since it became popular from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
Once In A Lifetime Frank Peterson / Gregorian  A friend asked me about this song and I wasn't familiar with it.  I like the mix of Spanish and English vocals, as well as the sound that is reminiscent of the various Enigma wonder, given that Frank Peterson was involved with Enigma.
Kernkraft 400 Zombie Nation
 / Club Delicious 2
During 6 weeks spent in Belgium and the Netherlands, I frequently heard this song on the radios.  Even though it got old after a while, I enjoy listening to it and other club mixes now that I'm back in the U.S.A.
Blue - Album Mix La Tour
 / Soundtrack to Basic Instinct
This is that great trance/techno dance piece from the movie "Basic Instinct" that pretty much just exudes a sensual, sexy sort of rhythm.  Or, was that just Sharon Stone's effect on me?  : )
Paris Various Artists
/ Voodoo Roux
Voodoo Roux is just one of the many album compilations from Waveform Records, falling into the genre of electronic/ambient music. It's great music for those times when you're feeling in a dreamy sort of mood or just want to relax.  "Paris" is performed by Trance Groove.





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